Meetings: January to April

We had left our January meeting free this year to make way for BBC Stargazing Live but the BBC in its infinite wisdom has just switched this event to March this year. So we’re having a break and allowing our members to study the winter constellations.

The Invisible Universe

Our next meeting will be on 14th February at 7.30pm in the Georgetown Community Centre. Our speaker will be Dr Alec MacKinnon of Glasgow University and he will be talking about the Invisible Universe.

Infinitessimally Small

Then, in March, there will be an event at Dumfries Museum to celebrate Stargazing Live. We will post this as soon as we have a date agreed with the Museum. in addition there will also be a regular meeting at Georgetown Community Centre on Tuesday 14th March at 7.30pm. Our speaker on that evening will be Professor Craig Butter of Glasgow University whose speciality is nuclear physics. He will be discussing how the infinitessimally small is a key to the infinite universe.

Yuri Gagarin

In April we will have our annual Yuri’s Night space party at Dumfries Museum on a date close to 12th April. Watch this site for more details.


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