AGM 2017

Broome’s Astronomy Experience

On Tuesday, we have our AGM, at The Jolly Harvester, Calside, at 7pm. Please come along and help us set out our agenda for the new season starting in the autumn. We could do with a couple more committee members, so have a think about possible nominations for posts. If anyone would like to be President, have a word with Mark. He has carefully developed the role to be almost entirely free of duties and would be happy to pass it on to a keen new face.

We take our summer break after the AGM. Look out for our new programme of meetings on this web site soon.

Yuri Gagarin

Yuri’s Night 2017

Next week’s meeting will be our annual Yuri’s Night party in partnership with Dumfries Museum which will host the event. It runs from 6.30pm to 8.00pm and there will be cake (gluten free).

Our speaker for the evening will be Hayden Goodfellow who will tell us about Steven Hawking and the Philanthropist’s Probes. We have a special guest too, in the shape of space poet Dom Conlon who provides this verse:

Puddle Wonderful
Two boys saw the night sky in a puddle.
Look, one said, there’s the moon
and there are stars.
See how bright they are,
how they travel through
our universe on the back of a splash.
Imagine, said the other,
what we might see
if we just looked up.
from Astro Poetica by Dom


DAS is delighted to welcome Dr Craig Buttar, Professor of Experimental Particle Physics, University of Glasgow, to Georgetown Community Centre Tuesday 14th March 7.00pm.

Professor Buttar will share his insights how the study of the infinitesimally small opens a window into the secrets of the cosmos on the largest scale

Dr Hamish Reid, Solar Astronomy, February 14th Meeting at Georgetown Community Centre, 7.00pm

We were expecting Dr Alec MacKinnon of Glasgow University to speak to us on the subject of ‘The Invisible Universe’, but unfortunately Alec won’t be able to see us on this occasion as he is participating in a conference at fairly short notice.  He has kindly asked a colleague, Dr Hamish Reid, to stand in for him instead so we are looking forward to giving Hamish a warm welcome, and to learn more about our closest star!