November – The Eclipse Megamovie

Reminder to all members and present non members interested in attending:

On Tuesday 14th November 7pm at Georgetown Community Centre our guest speaker is Hugh Hudson from The Physics and Astronomy Department of Glasgow University.

Hugh’s talk will be on the Eclipse which took part this summer, which reached totality in many parts of the USA.

One of our members was also in the USA to observe this and this promises to be a meeting that is not to be missed.




2017/2018 Programme More Details

One or two of our members have been in touch to ask if I could post a few more details about what is planned in the forthcoming season.

Tuesday October 10th 7pm. Dr Alec MacKinnon (Glasgow University) comes to us to tell us more about Gamma Ray Astronomy and gives examples how this is used to give us more detailed knowledge of the sun and moon. N.B. We meet for this evening at Dumfries Museum instead of the Georgetown Community Centre. (The Dumfries Museum has an exhibition on space and invited us to hold our meeting there.)

Tuesday 14 November 7pm Georgetown Community Centre. Dr Hugh Hudson (Glasgow University) will take as his subject the Solar Eclipse in the USA.  The title of his talk is “The Eclipse Megamovie”, and he will tell us how science has used observations of the eclipse recorded by large numbers of the American public using various technologies.

December- We are planning a night when skies are dark to hold a viewing night.  This may be on the second Tuesday of the month if the weather permits but at the time of posting the date has still to be confirmed.  The plan is to meet in the grounds of the home of one of our members who enjoys dark skies at Carsethorn, and now has a small observatory there!

Tuesday 9th January 7pm Georgetown Community Centre. Internal speaker, “How big is the cosmos?” Reflections based on a BBC Horizon Programme.

Tuesday 13th February 7pm Georgetown Community Centre. Professor Martin Hendry (Glasgow University) will share his thoughts now that earth based gravitational instruments have been shown to detect huge cosmic events creating ripples in time and space, on where does the science go from here?

Tuesday 13th March 7pm Georgetown Community Centre.  Club night when members are invited to share their ideas of where the Club is now and where it should be going.  Are there new things we should be trying?  We will invite a member of another Astronomy Club also to say what they are doing in theirs.

Thursday 12th April date to be confirmed. 7pm Dumfries Museum. Celebration of Yuri’s Night. Dr John Davies (Edinburgh University) shares with us some of the dangers of space travel in an intriguing talk, “Runaway rockets and other space disasters.”

Tuesday 8th May 7pm venue to be decided. Annual Meeting of the Club.


Club Secretary



Welcome to the 2017-2018 Season!

Hope all our members and all who have supported our events in the past have had a good summer.  At least one of our members went to the USA for the total solar eclipse so we look forward to hearing about his experience.

We begin our programme this year on Tuesday 10th October 7pm at the Dumfries Museum (they have an exhibition on space then).  PLEASE NOTE THERE WILL BE NO SEPTEMBER MEETING THIS YEAR.  At our first meeting Dr Alec MacKinnon, Senior Lecturer in Astrophysics at Glasgow University will speak to us about Gamma Ray Astronomy and explain how this helps our knowledge of both the Sun and the Moon.  Please invite friends/guests to come as we are looking to gain new members!

For the rest of the year we have a good programme due which includes other specialist speakers and planned observing nights.  More details at our first meeting on 10th October…….

Steven (Secretary)

AGM 2017

Broome’s Astronomy Experience

On Tuesday, we have our AGM, at The Jolly Harvester, Calside, at 7pm. Please come along and help us set out our agenda for the new season starting in the autumn. We could do with a couple more committee members, so have a think about possible nominations for posts. If anyone would like to be President, have a word with Mark. He has carefully developed the role to be almost entirely free of duties and would be happy to pass it on to a keen new face.

We take our summer break after the AGM. Look out for our new programme of meetings on this web site soon.