February Meeting Tuesday 9th February at Georgetown Community Centre, 7.00pm

At our February meeting we look forward to having as our guest speaker, Professor Lyndsay Fletcher, who is a Professor in Astrophysics at the University of Glasgow.  The subject of her talk will be “Sounding out the Sun and Stars”

Many apologies to those who came to the January meeting at the Georgetown Community Centre instead of the Dumfries Museum, to the change of venue to accommodate the public events of Stargazing Live.  We now have this new website up and running so communications should be much more effective!

Steven Ballard

January Meetings

We have two events in January. Our normal second Tuesday meeting which is on the 12th January will be at the Dumfries Museum for a change. This is because that week is Stargazing Live week and we are combining our efforts with the museum.

Our speaker will be Professor Sheila Rowan of the University of Glasgow, Dumfries’ own expert in all things to do with gravity waves. The talk begins at 7pm.

Our second event of January is later the same week in the Museum again. It is on Thursday 14th January and begins at 6pm. This is the big Stargazing Live event and will include space based activities and some actual stargazing if the weather permits.